Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weight Loss, Word Counts and Weather

I know y'all were expecting a Halloween post, but I like to do the unexpected. So, I shall save Halloween for you tomorrow. Or Friday, since I may be too busy tomorrow.

Weight Loss:

Last month, I decided to buy myself tickets to the Chicago Stargate Convention. A short while later, I remembered that there will be photo ops, and my friends who are also attending will not let me out of them. Normally, I hate having my picture taken, but this is one of those once in a lifetime things, so I figure I'll suck it up. Now, one of the reasons I hate having my picture taken is because I think I'm pretty darned good-looking, or at least not unattractive, until I see myself in photos, which is when I realize that I weigh A LOT.

In order to try to NOT look like a moose in the photos, I've decided to lose weight. I am doing this by counting calories on a cool website called My Fitness Pal and combining that with regular exercise. So far, I am down by a total of three pounds from where I was hovering, one pound from where I started, after gaining back a couple of pounds due to monthly cravings. My measurements remain the same, although my flexibility has improved noticeably. I am not as stiff as I was before and I have a bit more energy already.

Word Counts:

This one will likely share space on my NaNoWriMo page, as I plan to check in weekly with my word counts during the challenge. After a loooonnnnggg dry spell, I am clocking in this week with a total of 5,768 words, not including this blog entry (new total 6214). Those words include a fan fiction one-shot (short story) of just shy of 1100 words, almost 900 words in scenes for a new story that might wind up being my NaNo project (see my NaNo page for an explanation), and the rest in blog ideas for the future.


The weather outside, as they say, is frightful. For Florida, at least. Yesterday morning, before the sun came up, when I brought my son to school, it was 50F; at 9:00, when my youngest left, it was 49F. Monday, it was around 52F in the morning and went up to the mid-70s before falling back down. Yesterday it only went up to 68. I AM LOVING IT! As is my family. We are not Florida natives (well, three of us aren't, although the other one was born in Texas), and, when circumstances allow, will be running back north. It is actually be good trick-or-treating weather for a change. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changed Look

My blog needed to change its look a bit. No worries--it's still me! I just wanted to "decorate" as it were. I thought something darker for this time of year might be nice. And I really like the world map in the background, since I'm writing a historical for my NaNo project this year. Anyway, carry on!