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Sheesh, after all this time, I finally put up an "about me" page. I can be taught--slowly, but I can be taught.

Who is Lynne Kensington? Well, some of you know my real name and so you know that that ain't it. Lynne Kensington is the pseudonym of fan fiction writer Whytewytch. Within fan fiction, I am multi "published" within two or three fandoms, most notably Robin Hood BBC & Stargate: Atlantis. I have written 2 1/2 books of a trilogy (the "Thieves" series) in RHBBC, as well as a full-length novel entitled "In the Blood" for SGA. I have this tendency to post as I write, hence the 2 and a half books in RH & the odd title for the SGA fic (if you've read it, you may wonder why that title--it was going in a totally different direction in my mind). I have also written many, many one-shots in those two fandoms as well as in the Sanctuary fandom. I pulled one ficlet, titled "Samhain" in the SGA fandom from ff.net because the rating system on that website was far too modest for the story, which is a slash human/alien PWP multi-chap. It may get re-posted on AO3 after some editing; until then, I believe it can still be found on LiveJournal under Whytewytch4. And I'm also (albeit rarely) on Dreamwidth.

I was a beta reader on ff.net for many years, but these days I am too busy with my own writing, both fan fiction and original fiction, to be able to commit to giving a good turn-around time to the writers. On the advice of the only person that I do still beta read for, I joined RWA last year. I am also a member my local chapter of RWA (CFRW), and have responsibilities with them, some of which include judging contest entries. I have been a lurking member of both FF&P with RWA and SFR Brigade.

In my day job, I'm a sales person as well as a training leader for a major direct marketing sales company. When I'm not putting out imaginary fires there, I'm schlepping one boy to military trainings with the Naval Sea Cadets & throwing the other one at his karate teacher. Hubby works an odd schedule--some weeks super busy, others not so much, all on salary, with a computer rental company. He is going through a second (or third or fourth) childhood in his off time with his interest in Subarus.

Have I always wanted to be a writer? Nope. The first nine years of my life, I wanted to be a horse. And sometimes a cat. From the age of ten until I began to fill out what would become my womanly form, I wanted to be a jockey, then an exercise rider, then a trainer; those last two careers can be a problem when you don't have daily, regular access to horses. I still love to ride, though, or at least I did the last time that I sat a horse, which was only about twenty or so years (and sixty or so pounds) ago.

So why don't I write about horses, you may ask. Truth is, I'm not sure. I could claim that it's because I don't have access to horses, but then I don't have access to many of the things I write about--wormholes in space, aliens, legendary creatures. So I'm just going to go with "don't know" and not rule it out for the future. In the meantime, I prefer to write sci-fi and historical romance, with a paranormal twist.

Slash = sexual relationship between members of the same sex
PWP = Plot, What Plot
AO3 = Archive Of Our Own
RWA = Romance Writers of America
CFRW = Central Florida Romance Writers
FF&P = Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal
SFR = Science Fiction Romance

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