Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Words and Weight Wednesday: It's Been A While...

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Words & Weight Wednesday. Both have been on hiatus under the extreme stress of the past year. But I need to get back on track, and so, here goes.

I go to a new doctor today, to meet her for the first time—had to have a new one, now that we’re in a new state, and frankly, my old doctor’s entire office was…lacking. I am hoping the experience today will be better. I have hope, since today was scheduled as a “meet & greet”, with no charge to me for this first visit.

Most of you know I have Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; I am currently on medication for all three. I don’t know the numbers on those last two right at the moment, but I am sure the doctor will order blood work done.

I test my blood sugar every morning, and today was not too bad, coming in at 112. My Florida doctor told me I should be between 65 & 99. Considering that I wake up every morning and have panic attacks within moments of waking, and that I have not been keeping up on watching my food intake on My Fitness Pal, and that my exercise routine has gone down quite a bit, that’s not a bad number. However, I will need to work on bringing it back down.

My weight was 190.2 this morning, down by 8.8 pounds from my last visit to my Florida doctor in late May. It is time to get back to logging my food intake and watching what I eat. That last part may be the hard one. Previously, I was only working my Avon business and working (very) part-time in a little store. Now, in addition to the Avon business and my wife/mother duties, I am working nearly full-time, going in to work at 10 and not getting out until after 4. If I get the job/type of job I am pursuing, I will probably be working from 8-5, then driving home up to half an hour. I honestly don’t know how working women eat a healthy supper, to be perfectly honest, but I will have to find out. I would like to live a little longer than my poor Momma, who, had she made it just a few more months, would have been 76 this November.

And so, to something else that helps my health—writing. Most of the last year, my brain has been too much on overload to even relax enough to let creativity in. I have written little, and that in fits and spurts. I managed over 10K last month in Camp NaNo, but those numbers included my blog posts.

In the past week, I have written only about 300 words of actual fiction, then last night, I sat down and wrote out (long-hand) a more detailed outline of my Robin Hood story, so I could try to organize it a bit. I don’t know how many words were in the outline, and probably wouldn’t count it toward my weekly goals anyway, but it was front and back of one notebook page, with a note to do some research on some missing, but relevant, years in actual history that will affect my character. Between that and this blog post, I am quite proud of the amount of writing I have done this week. I know, it is nowhere near the amount I need to do if I am ever to actually become a writer full-time, but ‘tis enough, ‘twill do, for now.

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