Little Bites Challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to put this up on its own page, for ease in finding it.

What is the Little Bites Challenge? The Little Bites Challenge (or LBC), asks busy writers to sit down and write an average of 250 words per day. Writing a novel is a huge undertaking; writing 250 words is much more doable. If you write an average of 250 words per day, you will find yourself the proud owner of a finished manuscript in a matter of months, most likely under a year, unless you are Edward Rutherford. Will it be ready for publishing? Likely not, but at least the words are there. I have often heard Nora Roberts being given the credit for a very, very true statement, that goes something like this: "You can edit crap. You can't edit a blank page." I paraphrase and use my own words (don't think she said "crap"), but you get the idea. LBC is a much less "insane" goal than NaNoWriMo's 1666 words per day (50K in November).

When can you participate? Right now, and for as long as you like. Write in the early morning, mid-afternoon, late at night--whatever suits your schedule.

Where can you write? Anywhere. On your laptop or computer (I wouldn't suggest at work unless your boss is super-nice), in a notebook (I keep one in the car for red lights), written on the shower wall in special wash-off crayons (get your own--don't steal from your kids!), or speak your 250 into a voice recorder if you like.

Why should you participate? Because this is an achievable goal. If you can't write one day because life got hectic, you can double up the next day when life is more sedate. In this way, you are always moving toward your goal and don't get frustrated and chuck out the baby with the bath water, as it were.

How can you do it? I get up early; sometimes to write, sometimes to get my internet fix out of the way. Some people will stay up late. I keep a notebook by my bed and if the ideas come just before bedtime, I can write them there. I also bring the notebook with me into the bathroom sometimes, writing my own story instead of reading someone else's. On my laptop, I use Word and upload to SkyDrive. Some people use OneNote or Scrivener. Whatever program or system works for you.

Keep track of my progress on the ticker on the right. I will re-set it every month and update here with the previous month's word count, the actual vs the goal.

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