Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday: Jobs I Have Hated

Today's five for Friday is brought to you by jobs I have hated. I had begun to write something else earlier, advice to a younger me/my boys, but ran out of time, so I will save that one for next week. So for now, here's the jobs I've had that have truly sucked, at least to me.

1. Cold calling to houses to sell siding. Goddess, people can be rude. I get it--I've been on the other end, too. But the job still sucks.

2. "Warm" calling--to invite businesses to participate in an exposition. By the time I came to this job, all the low-hanging fruit had been picked, and the boss started giving me the hairy eyeball because I couldn't get any sales.

3. Real estate sales--I loved showing houses, hated dealing with sellers and all the paperwork. It didn't help that I later found out my broker was dirty. Right before I quit.

4. Working as a food server in a senior housing facility. So much of this was just awful. Everyone coming at once, demanding things right away. The "cleaning" staff that claimed that cloth napkins with lipstick on them were clean. The manager, who was also the owner of the entire facility. *sigh*

5. Selling timeshare resorts. Nasty food, trying to sell over-priced condos to people who can't really afford it.

Notice a trend? Apparently, I'm not meant for direct, high-pressure sales. :P Since #2 is my current job, I guess I should continue to look for a job to replace this one, eh?

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