Friday, March 30, 2012

Fanny Friday

Nope, not talking about rear-ends here. At least not this week. I'm trying to set up a schedule of things to talk about. In reality, my life is boring--that oughta get you reading in droves! LOL At any rate, Fridays will be the day I discuss something related to fan fiction or fanning in general. Today, I wanted to discuss the beginnings of my fan girl ways. I was going to tie it in with my writing, but when I thought about it, I was a fan girl even before I put pen to paper (yup, I'm that old--carry on reading and I'll give more away).

[Errol Flynn as Robin Hood]

My first real fan crush was...Errol Flynn as Robin Hood. Mind, I was watching thirty-five years after the movie was made (there's your hint, math wizards). Or was it Bugs Bunny, with whom I had a date every Saturday morning? Either way, from the very beginning, I loved (and still do love) a man who can get himself out of trouble with sarcasm and a witty plan. Mind, being able to fight his way out if necessary is important nowadays, and looks are good. There are men that, as my gramma used to say, “I wouldn’t throw out of bed for eating crackers.” However, if they’re in the bed, eating the crackers, and too stupid to hold a conversation or trade barbs, they’re outta there. As soon as I’m done with them.

I love a man who is strong, but not a body builder. And I love a bit of scruff now and again, depending on the guy. Sometimes, I love the broody man, but not if he’s always brooding—he must have the occasional smile. And when he smiles, it should go to his eyes. A man who smiles with his eyes, smiles with his soul. If he can see humor in the darkest of his situations and laugh at himself, I'm totally lost to him. Don't care if he's tall, but I'd rather not have him shorter than me (I'm 5'5"). I like a nice bit of hair, but nothing long--I often said that if Fabio and his ilk were my heroes, I would pull a Delilah and cut their hair while they slept. I love a nice military crop. I mean the cut of the hair, not a short leather stick. I'm not getting kinky. Yet. He should be well-proportioned. Trim is nice, but a little paunch is no longer a turn-off for me like it was when I was younger.

So who was your first “star” crush? What qualities did you like best about him or her?

Gramma's crush (James Garner as Jim Rockford):

[Jim Garner as Jim Rockford}

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