Monday, April 2, 2012

Kids and school breaks

[Picture of kid making mess]

Thank any and every deity—Spring Break is over! Every year, my DH takes a short break to drive three states away and hang out with a bunch of his friends. Most of the time, I have no problem with this. Unfortunately, this year, his vacation just happened to coincide with Spring Break.

The past week has been like a stroll through Hell. Two boys who normally get along well, despite a five year age difference, become squabbling idiots without the “Dad voice” to keep them in check. Their listening ears apparently need tuning, as well, to take in the frequency of Mom’s voice. Then, the teen’s girlfriend was over for most of the week. Not that I don’t like her—I do, but every day, spending the day with an extra child was beginning to set my teeth on edge.

Hubby is home now and things are beginning to settle back into their routine. I actually got some writing in today, a process which was defeated each and every day during the break due to tension headaches. In their defense—out of either kindness or self-preservation—the boys did make me breakfast in bed on Sunday.

Summer break should not be as bad. The teen, who is in the Naval Sea Cadet program, will be going on three different trainings, and so will be gone for most of the summer.

The pre-teen will need constant entertainment. Unfortunately, one of his best friends leaves the country for the entire break and spends it with his grandparents. Other friends are gone on vacations for weeks at a time. I would get with some other mothers and switch off days of watching each others’ kids, but I’m not the motherly type. One set of grandparents lives close by but works, so I can’t ship him to stay with them for any amount of time. The other set is too old and in too bad health to handle him on their own. He’s too young for a job, but he is one of those kids who is a bundle of energy all the time—he even talks in his sleep! LOL So, what would you do to entertain such a boy on a limited budget? 


Anonymous said...

LOL! Such a vivid picture of what that week must have been like. It's a wonder you have any sanity left, Lynne. It definitely sounds like your family is a fun group. This was adorable!

Lynne Kensington said...

My boys definitely keep me hopping! The oldest (DH) loves his car and motorcycle, the "middle child" is training to be in the Navy with hopes of becoming a SEAL (he's wanted this since WAY before SEAL team 6), and the youngest is such a bundle of energy that some days I just collapse and agree with him and clean up whatever mess he makes later. :D Thanks for stopping by, Mae.