Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday: If I won the Power Ball/Lottery

This week, the Power Ball is an estimated 31.4 million dollars. After taxes. Dear lord! Hubby and I played it last time, something we don’t normally do. Obviously, we lost. But it did get me to thinking of what I would do with all that money.

First, I’d pay off all of my debt. All of it—house, cars, credit cards, the whole kit and caboodle. Boring? Perhaps, but I’d love to know what it feels like to live debt free. That would leave me with approximately $31.2 million left.

I would then set my parents up in the swankiest nursing home/retirement village I could find. Nursing home for Mom, retirement village for Dad; the sad fact is that they will never be able to live together again, so they might as well each be extremely comfortable. This could leave me at only $30 million or so, depending on the yearly cost and how long they each live.

I would donate probably around $5 million to charities—Alzheimer’s research, diabetes, heart disease, Wounded Warriors, or whatever else I wanted to. Thereafter, I would likely volunteer and/or give some interest income each year to a charity or two or three.

With $25 million left, I would buy a mansion or two. I would have a beautiful old farm house in a small town in New England, and a cabin in the Rocky Mountains.

Lastly, I would take trips. For some, I’d bring the kids—and their new private tutors—along; for others, it’d be just hubby & I. I’d go to Ireland and England and Wales and Scotland; Italy and Greece and Germany and Switzerland; Australia and New Zealand and probably anywhere and everywhere else.

Mind, there’s a lot more I would do, too, living off the interest income, but this is “Five for Friday” not “Six” or “Seven” or “Name a number”. Have a lovely week-end, all! See you next week! Who knows? Maybe it'll be Powerball, Part II. 

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