Thursday, July 12, 2012

Science Fiction Fandom A Light Hearted Look at the Species known as Fans.

The following is an article written by a friend on Gateworld, the forum for fans of Stargate in all its forms. It had me laughing and I though y'all might get a chuckle out of it, too. I'm posting this a bit early, as I will be on the road most of Friday.

I’ve been a Science Fiction fan for many years, for most of my life to be precise.
But it was at my first convention ‘Rec Con’, a Star Trek convention, in 1992 that my eyes were opened to the various incarnations Fans of the genre take.
I hope to describe a few here in this little piece.

We first have
 Fanus Normilias. This is a quite shy creature that tends to sit in the background and watch. Taking part only where necessary, normally found hiding in most towns and cities. Collects and reads SF and Fantasy. 

We now have
 Fanus Geekus. This is a creature, which is found at most conventions, often at watering holes (The Hotel Bar). Openly displaying their Knowledge in trivia quizzes. Strangely absent when called to the mating rituals (The evening Disco). Collects and reads SF and Fantasy and openly displays them. This creature often specialises in a particular series. Has been known to be violent against other fans, if the general opinion does not match theirs. Thankfully that side of Geekus is seldom seen.

There is a sub species of
 Geekus. This species of fan is very rare but does exist.
Fanus Getalifeus. This creature seldom ventures out in daylight. Believes that what appears on screen is actually real life. Although appearances at conventions have been confirmed, they are strangely absent from most forms of convention ritual. With the exception of the video rooms and screenings. This form of fan is not limited to SF & Fantasy. This Species has been seen with regard to television soap operas.

Then there is
 Fanus Normilias Superior. This is a strange type of fan. It can be said this is an evolved form of the Normilias. Being not as shy as the Normilias. Far from sitting in the background, this creature is quite open about it’s interest. Like the Geekus takes part in trivia quizzes. And although it can be found at watering holes, it is also seen taking part in mating rituals. Has been known to mate for life. Often collects autographs of their idols. Collects and reads SF and Fantasy, and is not afraid to live in the real world.

From there we go to,
 Fanus Triviaus. 
How can we describe this form of fan? This is very difficult for observers.
For this creature can be very deadly. It is quite possibly that the Triviaus is an evolved form of Geekus. Although it is speculated that it is another species of fan.
 is a regular attendee at conventions. Often attending one or more gatherings a year.
They are the ones who set many of the quizzes and have a broad base of knowledge. Like
 Geekus can be found near the watering holes. Triviaus can be seen at the mating rituals, often performing strange dances such as Star Trekkin’, Time Warp, YMCA and many others. Has been seen to mate for life. Triviaus collects and reads SF and Fantasy and openly displays its collection within its natural habitat. Has no difficulty in living in the real world. 

Are there other species of fan yet to be discovered? We’ll just have to wait and see. I freely admit to not attending conventions in recent years. So have the described fans evolved?
We’ll just have to wait and see.


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