Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six Scene Starters for Saturday

Here we go, all! Sorry I missed you last week, but the reason why is good. (See my entry about SERE)

The inside of the pub was warm, the air permeated with the yeasty smell of new-made bread and the sounds of many happy patrons.

Sheila inhaled and her nose hairs froze. Her lungs burned from the cold and she quickly slammed the door shut.

Children laughed and played, frolicking along the beach, throwing brightly colored plastic balls in the air and building castles from the wet sand.

The moon shone down over the sleepy village, a pregnant harvest moon that lit the streets nearly as brightly as the sun.

Tea had always calmed her—the hot liquid of the boiled leaves sweetened with a touch of honey always made her think of her mother and better days.

Shane pushed Kayla against the wall; the surprise in her eyes only made him want her more as he dipped his head, his lips no more than a whisper away from hers.

Hope you enjoy!

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