Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thunking Thursday

I've been an unwitting fangirl for many years. The first time I realized that I was one of these wondrous creatures was when I was watching Robin Hood BBC. My favorite character was Allan A'Dale--not a guy I would normally look twice at, more the fool me. The more I watched, the more fond I became of Allan. He was cheeky and honest (except when he wasn't), creative, witty, and good with a sword or two. If you looked in a dictionary, you would see Joe Armstrong's Allan as the picture next to the entry of "scamp" or "scalawag" or "scoundrel".

The more I got to know Allan, the more closely I looked. And liked. Joe's got amazingly blue eyes and lashes that a woman would kill for. Workouts during the seasons or between them toned his body until he looked as good out of a shirt as in one. I didn't even mind his ginger hair, normally not a hair-color I like in men. He was one of the first characters I ever wrote about and the first I wrote extensively about. What did I write? A romance, of course. That's how The Thief was born. My first story was light and innocent, in keeping with the flavor of the show. Subsequent stories became more and more graphic.

I wrote The Thief as an exercise in stretching my writing muscles. It is on my "to do" list to edit, change things and publish the story one day. Thank you Joe Armstrong and Allan A'Dale for helping me get back into writing.

[pic of Joe as Allan in Brothers in Arms]

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