Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Triple W Check In: Not a good start to the year

This entry is going to be short and sweet. Well, short anyway. It’s been a long, exhausting week; with the holidays over, work is demanding more and more of my attention until we all get back on track and back into the groove.


Zip, zero, zilch, nada, and however many other ways you can say, “none”. No editing even, nor fan fiction. Nothing outside of the blogs, but then I’ve been fighting a cold and allergies combined, which has left me exhausted, with sore eyes, to the point where having my eyes open has been a trial some days. This Saturday, I will be at my RWA meeting, and we usually keep the room for a few hours after the meeting, so, barring extreme migraine or eye soreness, I should be staying to write. The girl who made me an avi, sig, wall-paper, and book cover for “Quantum Kiss” has inspired me to pick that story up again, and it’s really calling to me. With the Nephalim story on a (possibly temporary) block, QK is needing my love.


No huge loss this week, but at least there was a loss. I went down to 207.8. I seem to have reached a small plateau, but then, I also haven’t been keeping track of my calories in the past couple of weeks. I started back yesterday with tracking the calories, and got “yelled at” by my program for only taking in 1115 calories. I also upped my exercise a hair, now doing 15 of all of the weight lifting exercises, as well as 15 windmills and 15 leg lifts. Treadmill time is 40 minutes on a 2.0 incline, varying speeds from 2.6 to 3.6. The kids go back to school next week and I only hope I can keep up the exercise in the morning.


Rain: (noun). Water that falls from the sky, but only during outdoor graduations, weddings, and other celebrations, or when you’re leaving the grocery store with a cartload and you’re parked at the far end of the parking lot. Rarely falls when you’re asleep, unless accompanied by loud booms of thunder and bright cracks of lightning.

No rain, no bad heat in the past week. Nights have been down in the 50s or so, days up in the 70s. Tomorrow, my oldest son graduates from POLA (Petty Officer Leadership Academy); the graduation is outside. We are planning to do fireworks with him later in the evening, since he missed out on New Year’s Eve celebrations by being at the training. Naturally, they are forecasting rain tomorrow. Hence the definition.

I should have pictures this Friday of the graduation and my handsome young Seaman. Sorry there were no pictures last week—see the part about fighting a cold/allergies at once. I’m going now to put eyedrops in my eyes and hope that eases the pain. 


Christy Olesen said...

Hi Lynne, sorry you've been sicky. I hope you feel well and creative on Saturday and that the graduation goes well with lots of sunshine!

Love your definition of rain! No rain here but a little show on the ground that hasn't melted since Christmas because it's been so cold. Yesterday my car thermometer registered 0 degrees F on my way to work. That's about 20 degrees below normal for here.

No words for me either. Just running in circles in promo mode. One of my 'story starts' keeps running through my head. By the time I get to it, I'll have it all plotted out.

I've started counting my calories again, too, but unfortunately there's still Christmas chocolate in the house.

Hope the New Year improves for you.


Lynne Kensington said...

Glad you enjoyed! We actually got lucky as far as rain goes--it was more wet air, at least until later that night. :) Currently, it's 58F here, with sporadic rain. You got Christmas snow! How wonderful!?

On the writing front, I think things may pick up when the kids go back to school and hubby is back to a regular work schedule. I have a hard time seeing at night, so I can't really escape the house at night to write, and during the day, I'm usually working. School starts back Monday! :D

Good luck with getting rid of that Christmas chocolate. I still have a bit as well, although my real weaknesses are bread and pasta.