Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Words & Weight


Good news/bad news. The good news is that I did complete one sprint this week, despite winding up doing it alone. I wrote 303 words in Quantum Kiss that night before sleep jumped on my eyelids and pulled them shut. If you count the prompt, the sprint, and my blog entries, I actually did make word count (total of 2824), but as I said, I want to count my wins with only the fiction writing. Oh! But I also wrote 468 words in a fan fiction one shot for a friend’s birthday, bringing my fic total to 771, my total total to 3292. 

I have to admit that getting the tax information together for my sales business, which is what pays the bills right now, has taken up a lot of my time. One of these years, I’m going to get smart and take it in small bites throughout the year, staying on top of it, instead of all at once when the year is over. Or so I claim and have done for many years now.

Tuesday night I spent going through garbage bags because my son decided to clean his room. Luckily, critters tore the bags and upon inspection, while trying to get the old bags into new ones so the garbage wouldn’t be scattered everywhere, I found one of a pair of my shoes that I’ve been looking for for many months. So, he and I spent the bulk of Tuesday night actually sorting through the garbage, where we found a can opener, some games and DVDs, chargers for electronics, books, book-end, and all manner of interesting things, including the other shoe. By the time I was done with that and with getting him to do his homework and chores, I was so danged mad I couldn’t have written anything except scenes of death and destruction, and even then, he kept interrupting me, so it became impossible. Today, he has to finish cleaning his room, and later he has an hour and a half of karate, so I am planning on using the karate time to get some writing done.


Now for the prompt/vocab section:

Last week's prompt was: A woman wakes up in Heaven's waiting room, but St. Peter is not who she thought he would be.

The challenge was to write 500 words based on the prompt, and using the vocab word, gloaming.

Did any of you try it? Here’s mine, thrown together during the sprint, on my poor, neglected WordPress blog.

So here’s a cool word for this week: Erudite—knowledgeable. Possessing a keen intelligence. Mostly this deals with people who are scholarly, not necessarily with those who are street smart (which are often two separate intelligences that simply do not mix).

Prompt: A virgin from a poor village is sacrificed to a monster, but her fate is not what she expected.

Challenge: Write 500 words and use the vocabulary word in the passage.


Well, after gaining back less than a pound and fighting the cravings that my monthly (non-affectionately known as “Aunt Flo”) brought with it, I have not only managed to lose that extra pound, but I am currently at 202.4! Woo hoo! The past two days, I have spent an hour on the treadmill each morning on top of my calisthenics. Oh! And I can hold the push-up position for 30 seconds now, in good form, which my teen says is better than many of his cadets. This despite breaking my two little toes on my left foot.

Next week, I plan to be down to 201.something. I would really like to be in the 100s by Valentine’s Day. I can do it, so long as I don’t max out. Beginning in February, I will be adding a bit to the calisthenics portion and probably upping the treadmill to 45 or 50 minutes every morning, along with 20 minutes on a lower setting in the evening. 

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