Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday: Things I Like about Cold Weather:

I love cold weather. Kind of odd for someone who lives in Florida, but there you have it. My recent trip to Connecticut and a small "cold" snap back here at home (40F overnight) reminded me of why.

1. The crisp air: Nothing is more invigorating than a breath of crisp, cold air that fills the lungs and makes your nose hairs stand up. When it’s cold out, I move faster, just to stay warm and I tend to take the time to breathe deeper. Scents that are usually muted seem sharper and the smell of wood smoke permeates the air. Sounds carry further and are clearer.

2. The bare trees: I am weird, I think. I am one of the few people I know who enjoys the way the leafless tree branches look against the gray sky. It’s the same reason I love the rocky coast of Maine—the starkness has a special beauty about it. The leaves crunching underfoot are an added bonus.

3. Bundling up: I love wearing boots and pull-overs (just not turtlenecks) and jeans and scarves and gloves and even heavy jackets. Love that stuff. I look good in pull-over sweaters. I enjoy coming in from the cold to a warm house, stomping the snow off or shaking the cold off, and peeling off the outside clothes. As an added bonus, my cheeks get all rosy and warm.

4. Comfort food: I love casseroles and stews and open-faced sandwiches. While these can be eaten in any weather, they seem to taste better when the weather outside is frightful. Mind, that’s how I can pack on pounds in the winter down here in Florida; at least back home in Connecticut, I’d get my workout from shoveling snow now and again.

5. Warm drinks: I could’ve put this with food, but it’s my blog, I’ll do what I like. I have always loved coffee and tea and hot chocolate. Hot chocolate made from scratch is a rare treat, with cocoa powder, sugar and scalded milk. Add a splash of Bailey’s now that I’m a grown person, and I’m in Heaven.

I am currently enjoying what is likely one of the last chilly mornings for six or more months here in Central Florida. We turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows last night. The house smells and feels great this morning. **sigh** I already am looking forward to next winter.

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