Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Check In

Well, hello all!

I know I’ve been gone a while. A little over a week ago, I received some bad news from my parents in Connecticut. My dad finally reached the breaking point with taking care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. It was bad. My dad wound up in a hospital, and my mother wound up in an assisted living facility. I’ve spent the last two weeks up north trying to help with final steps toward Title 19 and beginnings of nursing home visits and applications.

While there, I did not stay on my diet, as I was too busy trying to help balance my father again, and then visiting my mother when she was stable in the home. I also did not get any writing done at that time. So today’s check-in is more general in nature, to let you all know that I am alive and well, and will be back in writing mode soon. It may take some time, as all of this Medicaid and nursing home stuff takes lots of time and energy. I will at least be checking in on Wednesdays with my weight and I will try to give you vocab and writing prompts.

My weight this week is just one pound over my last check in:


Not bad, considering I was eating Mexican food and goulash and all sorts of naughty comfort foods at Dad's house.

As for last month's writing, I did make the Little Bites Challenge, but just barely. I have not written in the month of March, except for a scathing rant against the System for making it so hard for ill seniors and their caretakers to get help.

Now for the vocab and writing prompt. 

Omniscient: all knowing.

You are given the power of omniscience for a day. How do you react?

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