Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Check In: One-third of the Way There!

This week's post will be short and sweet.


LBC total is 1158, shy of the 1750 for the week, but considering the week I've had, I'm amazed I got that much. As it is, this total still brings me to a grand total of 6464, which is only 536 words away from goal for the month. I may or may not make it, as I am heading out of town on a family emergency. The bulk of my writing was done in a notebook, so longhand, while waiting for my boys at various places, so I'm really glad I brought the notebook.

No prompt this week, due to lack of time (see the last sentence).


Weight is awesome this week--well, it was until last night's Valentine's dinner at Olive Garden.

My weight before Olive Garden:

That's down a whole two pounds from last week. As of this morning, I'd blown that and was back up to 197.4, but still below 200, and that weight without exercise, as my ride to the airport is arriving at 6:30 this morning (will have arrived by the time I get this done, likely). Next week, I may not be home yet to check in on my scale, but I'll be careful of my calories and make sure I keep up my exercises this week. I won't have access to my treadmill, which I'll miss (that's my Netflix watching time, too, and Caprica's getting GOOD), but I will have access to snow and rolling hills. I'm tempted to head over to the Sleeping Giant State Park and see if I have an easier time of it hiking it than I did last summer with my boys.

Time to sign off and get this posted--my ride is here in 10 minutes and I have yet to brush my hair, change my shirt, finish my coffee and put on my make-up. In that order. 

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