Friday, February 15, 2013

Five for Friday: Love Songs

I've decided to keep this week's Five for Friday simple. Like a toddler at a parade, I'm going to sit on someone else's shoulders and let them do all the work. But I am going to keep it in the Valentine's theme, and so here are five of my favorite love songs:

1. At Last--the Etta James version. There are no other versions, IMHO. What a beautiful voice, adding its richness to a beautiful song.

2. Time in a Bottle--Jim Croce. This is the song hubby wanted for our wedding. I (stupidly) overruled him and chose something else that I don't really like as much.

3. Kissed You (Good Night)--Gloriana. A new favorite about new love. The story in the video is just heart-wrenching, too.

4. The Way You Look Tonight--I know it was originally by Frank Sinatra, but there are a couple of very talented singers who do this song credit, including Michael BublĂ© and a real cutie, Harry Connick, Jr.

5. I Need You--Leann Rimes. This was a hard choice. I adore this song and her voice is magical, but I was on #5. Then I realized--I can do five more another time! I can even do themed ones--Five Female Singer Love Songs, Five Classic Love Songs, etc. So, I'm going to let myself enjoy this one.

So there we are--five beautiful love songs for your Valentine's week. Hope you enjoy!


Alicia Coleman said...

I loved every song. Harry Connick Jr. is a favorite as is Jim Croce's Time In A Bottle. I'm boneless right now laying on the floor sighing happily. Thanks!

Lynne Kensington said...

Glad I could help. Hope you didn't hit your head on anything hard on the way down to the floor! :P