Monday, February 11, 2013

Mysterious Monday--the Power of the Love Stone

I’m sure this week’s theme for Mysterious Monday is not so much a mystery—as Valentine’s Day is closing in on us this week, all our thoughts turn toward our current relationship status. Whether you have a sweetie, are looking for a sweetie, just plain over the whole sweetie thing, or whatever, one thing we all have in common is our need for love. Whether that love comes in the form of romantic love or platonic love, you can quite literally hold the means to get that love in the palm of your hand. Gemstone magic can be that means.

There is a wonderfully beautiful type of stone called rose quartz, aka pink quartz or love stone. Its pink color comes from “impurities” that bleed into the naturally white quartz. The one that I had for many years was tumbled so that it was smooth to the touch. It was cool when I placed it in my hands, warming with the warmth of my body. When life seemed too rough to believe, I would hold this stone in the palm of my hands and close my eyes; gradually, my breathing would slow and positive thoughts would fill my head.

Quartz is a very powerful conductor of energy; rose quartz therefore is a powerful conductor of love energy. It is used for finding love, maintaining love, and helping one to love and forgive oneself. This stone attracts all sorts of love—romantic love, love for children, love of self, friendship, etc. It eases anger and sadness, and can even help you to feel at peace with the world in general, alleviating the stress of all the negativity that bombards us every day. A word of caution—no magic can force a particular “target” to fall in love with you; love stones will attract the one who is right for you, not turn Bobby from his love for Michelle, for example. This would be a negative use of a positive emotion, and could have whiplash negative effects in the long run.

In healing, it is used for healing emotional hurts such as grief or guilt, as well as balancing the flow of blood to cleanse the body of impurities. It has a powerful association with the heart chakra so that it naturally helps to balance body, mind, and spirit. If you’re feeling stress, do as I mentioned above and hold your love stone in your hand. Close your eyes, then breathe in and out slowly a few times; breathe in love and purity in the form of white or yellow or pink light, breathe out negativity in the form of black and darkness. Love stones are not a “cure” however for proper medical care—they help to alleviate symptoms and lower your stress while increasing your blood flow, but for any physical or mental health issues, you should always consult your physician.

There are many ways to use the love stone—it comes in a variety of forms, as well. Tumbled stones are polished with no rough edges and are therefore more comfortable to hold or to use as jewelry, either as a pendant on a necklace or in the form of a bracelet, earrings or a ring. You can keep these stones in your purse or your pocket, in the cup holder of your car or hanging from the rear-view mirror. Keep one in your desk at work if you work an office job or in your locker at school if you’re in school—should you be reading my blog if you’re still in high school? Untumbled love stones are just as powerful but would most often be found in a bowl or just set out somewhere in your home. Many people place them in their bedrooms or in the “heart” of their homes (this can be the physical center or the social center, such as the living room or the kitchen or the dining room). Love stones also come in towers, but they are not as common as the smaller variety and are definitely more expensive. Wherever you keep your stone, keep one close; think of it and hold it daily and see if you see any improvement in your stress levels or love life or both.

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