Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekly Check In: A Day Late

Yesterday was a very stressful day in my home, despite good news early on. I got a phone call that brought bad news, news I was used to hearing even last year, but that came as a shock at this time. Everyone is all right, and it did not turn to tragedy, as it could have, but it did keep me from writing when added to all my other stresses in life that are happening right now. But enough about vague laments, on to the good news.


I DID IT! I made the word count in the Little Bites Challenge, exceeding by 10% where I needed to be this morning. Yesterday’s day end count (so this morning’s) was supposed to be 3K; my count this week for Quantum Kiss is…3,333. Done by hosting/participating in a few sprints this week to make up for days when I was unable to find time to write in it at all. Not only that, I finally edited Story Prompt #2 and uploaded to my fictionpress account (I have yet to upload to the Wordpress account), as well as (obviously) completing my blog posts for the week.

All of the word count numbers were written yesterday; by the end of today, I need to be at 3,500, so I’m still sitting pretty. Hubby & I don’t go out for Valentine’s Day—too crowded everywhere—so I may get time to write later.

This week’s word count goal is to once more complete the LBC with words to spare. I’d also like to get my blogs written ahead of time, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

Prompt: Love potion #9: You (or a character) have made/stumbled upon a supply. Do you/they use it? If so, on who? How do they react? What are the consequences? Set it whenever, wherever you want.
Vocab word: Buss—to kiss.

Challenge: Write 500 words based on the prompt and use the vocab word.


Yay, me! I exceeded my goal for the week, which was to be 199 point anything. I actually leveled out last week at 200.2 for about three days. I was practically starving and the scale wouldn’t budge. I decided to tweak my metabolism, and for two days, I ate close to the top of my calorie allowance. From the very first day, the scale moved down. I actually was 0.2 pounds less on Tuesday than my Wednesday weigh-in.

Kept the exercise the same, with Sunday off. In fact, hubby and I went out to breakfast Sunday morning, something we used to do every week, but have not done in months as we’ve been losing the weight. We stayed away from the buffet table, sticking with pre-portioned food, and asked about portions (how many eggs, for example). Pancakes and French toast were nowhere on our own personal menus. The breakfast wound up being late in the morning, since we slept in (our only day to really do so usually), and therefore was more of a brunch than a breakfast. We were so full, we didn’t need to eat again until supper time. The only exercise we did get that day was taking a walk down by the restaurant, which is at a fish camp and has a small petting zoo and rescue horses.

Now, next week’s goal is to be 197 point something, which may be difficult considering that Miss Monthly has just showed up, bringing cramps and cravings with her. In fact, I was so stressed yesterday that I wound up turning on the TV and vegging. I rarely just watch unplanned TV anymore—no time. It also lends itself to mindless munching, which I gave in to, very likely exceeding my calorie count for the day on undocumented calories. The other bad part about this time of month is that I really don’t feel like exercising. At all. All I want to do is curl up with the remote control and a half gallon of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream with a bag of pretzels for dipping; maybe some fettuccine alfredo with garlic cheese bread for supper, still curled up on the couch letting my brain rot.


Christy Olesen said...

Hi Lynne, I saw the picture of the scale on my blogger digest. Yea, you're in ONE-derland. You inspire me to work harder at watching my counts. I need to count everything, even when I know I'm going to go over my limit. The accountability works for me, when I'm strong. There too many days when I'm not strong. I'd really like to go to RWA conference in San Antonio in 2014. I think that's a good goal to shoot for.

Sorry you got bad news, but glad it wasn't tragic.

Lynne Kensington said...

Hopefully, the timing will work out and my teen can keep his head pulled out of his *** long enough to be graduating his Basic Training from the Air Force at that time. If teen's plans go through, he'll be in San Antonio (his birth city) at Lackland AFB for Basic in June/July 2014. Don't know when the conference is, but I'd love to see San Antone again, and my beta/crit partner lives outside Dallas (we've never met in person), so I'd love to see her, too. If my LBC writing keeps up, I'll have my first novel finished and maybe even uploaded by then. :D

It is tough to keep track some days--honestly, we guess-timate on the grazing calories. And I didn't even get yesterday's calories logged in, as I was too busy running around, then just too danged tired. But I AM there, at long last, back in "ONE-derland" as you say, numbers I thought I would never see again. I'll get to my goal. Even if I'm not quite 160 by August, I know I will be 150-160 by the end of the year. By the way, my beta is the one who introduced me to MyFitnessPal. Don't recall if I put this in my post, but hubby has also joined me there and between us, we've lost nearly 50 pounds!