Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween--Life in a Dead Neighborhood

So we are living in a dead neighborhood. They are all so "religious" here that they do not celebrate Halloween (but, ironically, they do celebrate Christmas, also a pagan holiday that's been watered down/Christianized). They don't dress up their kids or let them out to beg for candy or give out candy or anything. We sent the kids to the fun neighborhood across the street.

Our decorations, the only ones in our neighborhood. And our hams. I was not responsible for the decorating--my Little Bear (the first two pics) did it all himself, except the last few photos--those were all hubby.

The boys, but are they dressed for Halloween or just the usual week-end warrior stuff going air-softing? Two shots of my youngest--I don't have twins.

The front of the house--you can't see it too well, but there are ghost clings in the little window and bloody claw prints on the door, as well as spider web stuff. The orange mat makes a hideous cackling sound when you step on it that just makes me giggle every time. 

The ghost tree--the little ghosts blink in different colors! :-)

The graveyard--my Little Bear was inordinately proud of this!


Even hubby's car got involved in the playing!

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