Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Myth: The Nephalim

My current NaNoWriMo story was going to be about angels, but my muse had other ideas. Apparently, she's in the mood for Nephalim right now.

What is a Nephalim? If you're a good Christian, or a good non-Christian, you may have heard of them. Fallen angels, the "sons of God", mated with human women; the product of this mating was the Nephalim. They were gigantic in stature, with some estimates putting them at thirty feet tall. May I just say "OUCH" to that birth?

The Nephalim are so shrouded in mystery that scholars cannot agree on the meaning of the word, even. Some say it comes from a word meaning "giants", other say it means "distinguished ones", and still others claim that it means "fallen". Pictures of this offspring between human women and the "sons of God" show that they supposedly had skulls like this:

Their fossilized bones:

Gracious me! I thought my boy was growing up to be quite tall. Can you imagine being the human who gave birth to something that grew into this? I'm not claiming that these pictures are either real or fake--just putting them out there for your interest.

Now, since I write romance and not horror, my Nephalim have to be a bit different. They look more like this:

(Drawing made by the extraordinarily talented Ester-Sanz on deviantART.)

As you can see, my Nephalim are hot and sexy; about the only thing they have in common with the ones you'll find in the Bible and scholarly works is that they are tall, and they are descended from otherworldly beings. In fact, my Nephalim come to Earth from a different planetary system.

Although it's hard to tell in this picture if he has them or not (personally, I can't get past those eyes!), I have given my Nephalim wings. The wings of a mature Nephalim are long and match their hair color; both are shot through with gold or silver. Hair color is any that you can imagine--my current hero, Gadri-el, has deep purple hair, with gold highlights. I saw the picture above and immediately said, "Azazel!" (Don't say, "Bless you!" That's my hero's best friend, who will have his own story soon.)

The skin of a Nephalim is a tawny golden color. Their eyes are large and slightly turned up, and are lined naturally with black; long, lush lashes make them impossible to resist. They stand an average of seven feet tall, although some top out at eight feet. They are no Ken dolls and are, ahem, properly proportioned.

Clothing is Greco/Roman in that they tend to wear togas that sit on their hips and drape over their shoulders (it's hard to find a proper shirt when you've got large wings on your back). Most of the time, they are barefoot. They have a higher body temperature than humans and so they can walk over ice and snow with little problem, even barefoot. The only time they wear anything different is when they don armor for battle and then they are even more fierce and stunning.

They have come to Earth because they are a dying race. One of their historians found a passage in an old book that claimed that their ancestors had mated successfully with the humans of Earth. Although they find the idea of mating with humans distasteful as a general rule, some are finding brides among the women of Earth (just a hint--my heroines are not petite). Oh, and our heroes are finding a new religion with their spunky women.

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