Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Check In: Words, weight & weather

Word Count:

Currently, I am sitting pretty with NaNo, or at least still seated, with a word count of 21,853, which has me caught up as of yesterday. When you consider that I did not write Monday, except for my blog entry, that’s not bad. 

I only worked about an hour yesterday (I work from home as an independent sales rep for a major company). I did have to do grocery shopping after being away for five days, but when I got home and put the groceries away, it was BICHOK (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard). I wrote a total of 3352 words yesterday alone. I have yet to write today’s 1667, but I am actually ahead by 187 words, so all I really NEED to write to stay on top of NaNo is 1480. One good hour/hour and a half can knock that out.

Weight Loss:

The plan, while I was in Connecticut visiting my parents, was to take a walk every morning. They live in a perfect area for it—hilly, with some long, steep hills and some short, gentle hills. There are some sidewalks, but traffic is not that much of a problem in general, except when the middle school is starting or letting out, and even then, the school is around the corner, so it’s easy to avoid. That was the plan. My parents’ sleepless, noisy, obnoxious kitten had other ideas. She yowled so loudly every night, pulling and scratching on the door to her room, that sleep was impossible; letting her out only allowed her to make noise by breaking things.

Exhaustion will do bad things for you when it comes to exercise and healthy eating choices. My parents also have a house that’s more full of candy, cookies, and general sweets than the witch’s house from Hansel & Gretel. My mom, who has Alzheimer’s, also has a huge sweet tooth; my dad works a lot and so he keeps the sweets in the house so that she will at least eat SOMETHING when he is not around. Despite this, and the irresistible call of a decent pizza that sweeps over me every time I go home, I managed to lose three pounds (a little over a pound of which was re-gained last night with burgers and fries—one burger, Lynne. ONE burger!). I am now down to 213.8, working hard on getting below that 210 mark before I set my new goal.

I’ve begun planning the menu for the week, so that not only is grocery shopping going to become easier (and maybe cheaper), but there will not be as many “catch as catch can” dinners.  Tonight will be chicken, rice, and broccoli. Water and salad will be consumed first, as an appetizer.


Well, I’m definitely back in Florida. The temp yesterday went into the 80s. No more long pants during the day, at least not at the moment. Connecticut had absolutely beautiful weather while I was there. It snowed the day before my arrival. Each day, the temp went up into the 60s, with night temps in the 30s, which kept the snow around for a few days, even as it slowly disappeared.

I am hopeful that next week, with Thanksgiving here, we will at least see some 50s & 60s during the day. I just want to be able to turn off my air conditioner and open the windows.

Some pics from Connecticut:

My parents' back yard:

Look! I got to wear boots!

A bit of snow on the roof (just like me! :-) )

My boot prints in the snow:

Broad Brook, which flows through Meriden. One of my favorite spots. Took my boy fishing here last trip.

The hill on the other side of the road from Broad Brook. I love the whole topography of Connecticut.

A pond/lake at the base of Meriden Mountain. One of my other favorite spots. When I lived in Connecticut, I would take lunch breaks here whenever I could. When the stress of dealing with my mom's illness got too much a couple years ago, this is where I went to calm down. 

If you had your choice, where in the world would you live? Would weather be a factor or just something to be dealt with? 

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