Friday, June 1, 2012

Meatless Month, Day One

Don’t know why, but hubby & I decided to go meatless this month. Actually, that's a lie--one of my buddies on Live Journal is a vegetarian and posts about she and her boyfriend's Sunday dinners. I mentioned this to hubby and he decided that it sounded like an interesting idea to try to go for a month without meat. I went along with it, wondering if we'd feel any healthier or lose any weight (dubious, since we'll likely be eating a lot of pasta and bread). I will blog as often as I can, catching you all up, posting pictures as possible and letting you know how hubby, teen boy, pre-teen boy and I are reacting. Bear in mind, we've just moved and things are in chaos at the moment.

The Rules:

No chicken

No turkey

No beef

No pork (or pork products--so no ham or bacon)

We can eat fish, eggs, beans and cheese, as well as, of course, pasta, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Chicken and beef broth are okay, just not the solid stuff.

We do not like tofu when it's being passed off as something other than what it is or any other fake meat.

Day 1

Today, I actually ate breakfast. Unusual for me, as if I eat too early, I get sick and by the time I can eat, I usually have clients or staff needing my help. I had scrambled eggs and an English muffin with butter and grape jelly.

Lunch was a bowl of tuna casserole.

Dinner was tuna melts on English muffins with cheese (I had one with white American cheese and one with shredded cheddar blend, hubby had both with white American cheese). Hubby had Lipton chicken soup without meat. Sorry, no pics today--I have to find my camera. LOL! The teen is at his girlfriend’s house. He whimpered his GF’s mom into making him a roast beef dinner. Already. **rolls eyes** The pre-teen wanted to eat hot dogs—not on the “approved” list, but we have two packets in the fridge that will go bad if no one eats them, so we’re letting the kids finish off the “no-no” items.

The plan for tomorrow is to have pizza for dinner. Breakfast and lunch will be played by ear. I may ignore hubby's complaints about the smell and hard boil some eggs for a nice egg salad sandwich. :)

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