Saturday, June 16, 2012

Six Scene Starters for Saturday

Another thing on my "try it and see" menu of a blog: Six Scene Starters for Saturday. A lot of people have story starters, but I don't always start at the beginning. Sometimes, a scene from my story reaches out and grabs me, shaking me until I write it. So, I thought, how about scene starters instead? Feel free to use these to help your muse if she's feeling lonely. 

1. Jim gazed at the sky, his jaw slack. Who would’ve thought all his crazy notions were true?

2. The ship’s controls jerked and shuddered under Kyla’s hands as she fought for control.

3. Blake glanced at his watch and picked up his pace. He was gonna be late again and this time, she might not let him talk his way out of it.

4. Horses had been her life for as long as she could remember. What would she do now?

5. Sex had always been just a job.

6. Adam licked his lips as he stared at his beautiful wife, standing there naked, the juices from the red fruit dripping down her chin and coursing between her firm breasts.


Mae Clair said...

Very cool idea, fun too! You've got some real gems in there (I especially like #1). I have a few friends who scene hop when they write but I've always been a writer who starts with scene A, followed by scene B, followed by scene C, followed by...LOL. You get the picture!

Lynne Kensington said...

Glad you like, Mae! I was reading through one of my old "The Writer" mags when this idea hit. If anyone uses these, I hope they post what they wrote--it'd be fun to see all the different interpretations.

My stories usually start with a scene, not necessarily the first one. Mostly, I follow the path from beginning to end, as that's how my fan fics are posted, chapter by chapter. Sometimes, though, I need that diversion, that side trip along the road map, to help me recharge my batteries.