Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Scene Starters for Saturday

I know this is a little late in the day; it was a hectic one. Here are your six:

1. Rain beat against the window, the drops so large they sounded like pellets hitting the glass.

2. David downshifted and cut the wheel hard, one foot on the brake, the other on the gas.

3. The crisp scent of bacon wafted across the parking lot, a warm welcome on the cold morning.

4. Her blue eyes glittered with the force of her anger; he took a step back, afraid for his manhood and his life. In that order. 

5. The wind was a living thing, tearing at the shelter, clawing its way in around the cracks.

6. Sam’s lips trembled as he glared at the man before him.

If you do anything with them, let me know! 

1 comment:

Mae Clair said...

Hey, you're on my blog as a link now! Sorry, it's been "a week" as you know. I love these Saturday things you do. For today, I would be all over number 5. I might have to tuck that away in my ideas file! :)