Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tech Tuesday: Word Count Widget

It took me a while, and hopefully, I won’t regret this, but I finally found a way to put a word count widget on my Blog. First, I clicked on the “Design” tab, then the “Layout” tab. You will see “Add a Gadget” in various places on your sidebars and the top and bottom bars. Click on the “Add a Gadget” tab and a window will pop up. Choose “Basics” and scroll down to the “HTML/Java Script” choice; click on it. Choose a title, cut and paste the following code into the box:

<div style="width: 120px; "><a title="Word Count Meter" href="http://svenja.atspace.com/wordmeter.html" target="_blank"><div style="width:120px; height: 22px; background: url(http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy228/svenjaliv/wordmeter/png/grey-100.png) no-repeat; border: 0; "><img src=http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy228/svenjaliv/wordmeter/png/redleft.png style="height: 22px; border: 0; "><img src="http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy228/svenjaliv/wordmeter/redbar.jpg" style="max-width:100px; width:0px; height:22px; border: 0;"><img src="http://s794.photobucket.com/albums/yy228/svenjaliv/wordmeter/png/redNaN.png" style="height: 22px; border: 0; "></div></a><div align="center" style="max-width: 120px; font-family: book antiqua; font-size: 15px; "><b>0</b> / 50000<br>(0%)</div></div>

Replace the 50000 (red text) with your own goal word count, the 0 between the Bold tags (highlighted in fuchsia) with your current word count, the 0% (highlighted in aqua) with your own percentage. You will have to calculate that for yourself (divide the current count by the goal count). For example, if your current word count is 10,000 and your goal count is 50,000, your percentage would be 10000÷50000, or 20%. Change the color of your counter by changing “red” to “blue” or “green” or whatever (see the yellow highlighted word above). If you want the bar to move, you will need to change the number in the green highlighted area from zero (hint: that's your percentage, so if you're at 70% done writing, insert a 70 for the zero).

Click on “Save arrangement” then “view blog” to see your new widget in action. In order to update, you must click on the edit tool on the bottom right of the widget and change your numbers.

Thanks to Svenja Liv for the help on her blog, located here. Under the “More Resources” section of her blog, check out her NaNoWriMo word trackers in spreadsheet form. Awesome way to track your words and the time you’ve spent each day on your writing.

The up side of the word count widget—you have a word count widget!
The down side of the word count widget—you have a word count widget! Now everyone can see how hard you’re working. Or not.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that automatically updates your percentages and all for you, but if you don't get frightened off by the fact that the widget's in HTML, you'll be fine. Believe me, I'm no techno geek; I'm all self-taught. If you have trouble with this, PM me and I'll try to help you as best as I can. Bear in mind, I may have to find help first in order to help you! :)

ETA: Just go to Svenja Liv's website and plug in the numbers...

ETA: Svenja Liv's site no longer available.

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